Why Blissful Yoga

“Why Blissful Yoga?

When we start doing our asana practice we can have a positive impact on our lives because it constantly asks us to become more sensitive, conscious, and aware of our bodies, minds, feelings, and emotions. As our sensitivity increases, life becomes more rich and enjoyable because we can taste the unique flavor of each individual moment.

More important, we also start being aware of what moves us toward our dharma, or life path, and what takes us away from it. This awareness makes us clearer and peaceful, more able to elegantly handle life’s endless dilemmas without feeling overwhelmed or fearful. As a result, we become effective in all of our actions, and our presence begins to inspire and bring out the best in people around us.


Blissful Yoga is a constant state of being in the present, unconditionally loving every moment as it is. Whether you are on your mat, sharing time with your family, at work, or just taking a walk, accepting things as they are with joy and trust is an ongoing practice.

Blissful Yoga offers us the tools and techniques to express who we are, what we need and how we feel with courage, love and breath.

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