Paola Villegas

Born and raised in Argentina, Paola Villegas started practicing yoga at a very young age as a result of a severe injury from a car accident. Later on yoga became a way of life for Paola as she revisited the practice to heal chronic back pain. As she started to realign her spine, she noticed that she was also realigning her entire life.

With over 11 years of experience as a Certified Yoga Instructor, Paola specializes in Vinyasa, Power, Restorative, Gentle, Prenatal and Kids yoga. In addition to being a certified Doula and Vedic Thai Massage Therapist, Paola also is Director of Blissful Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training.

Paola’s classes are created based on the students and are perfect for all levels from beginners to the advanced practitioners. She has the unique ability to offer a safe and sacred space where every single class is a completely different experience.

Her signature flow is a powerful and intelligent sequence linking movement to breath within a nurturing environment that allows for the student to practice in a place of surrender and bring awareness to one’s inner wisdom.

Blissful Yoga is a manifestation of Paola’s passion to make yoga accessible to everyone during every stage of life.


What is Blissful Yoga? 

Blissful Yoga is a constant state of being in the present, unconditionally loving every moment as it is.Whether you are on your mat, sharing time with your family,  at work, or just taking a walk, accepting things as they are with joy and trust is an ongoing practice.Blissful Yoga offers us the tools and techniques to express who we are, what we need and how we feel with courage, love and breath.

With over 12 years of experience as a Certified Yoga Instructor, Paola specializes in Vinyasa, Restorative, Gentle, Prenatal and Postnatal yoga. She is also a certified Doula, HypnoBirthing Educator and Vedic Thai Massage Therapist.

Paola is the Director of Blissful Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training. She’s an experienced teacher of meditation, stress management and mindfulness workshops at yoga studios, public schools and corporate offices.

“It is there, in our practice, when we forget everything else, beneath the blanket of the illusion, that we find the knowledge of the unknown, the information that is not on the books, there, where we can find the strength and ability to transform and connect”.

Paola is also part of Woman of Tomorrow, an organization that helps motivate and support young adults in Florida and other states. Her main role in this organization is mentoring high school girls in the North Miami area.

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