Giving birth is a milestone event in your life that you should prepare, like other events in your life.

These two classes are an alternative to HypnoBirthing® for those couples who are unable to commit to a five-week course.  The classes assist you in preparing for the birth of your child and the post-partum period. You will become aware that childbirth is a special, joyful experience, and gain confidence in your body’s ability to give birth.  

The following is an outline of the class content.  Please understand that each class is individually designed and may not follow this exact order.

There are many ways to decrease pain in labor without the use of medications. These comfort measures can be very effective in providing some degree of pain relief. Laboring women can use a variety of techniques to decrease the pain and discomfort.

Benifits of birth without medical intervention

  • Less pain after birth
  • Faster recovery from birth
  • Less chance of a Cesarean section  
  • Increase in self-esteem as a result of the birth
  • More bonding with the baby
  • A calmer, more settled baby
  • Less likelihood of depression after the birth
  • Potential for easier breastfeeding

Class 1

  • Listen and connect with your body:  focus on flowing with your body. Learn techniques to deepen relaxation.
  • Functions of the uterus: dilation / effacement / station / position of the baby
  • Spiral of baby: baby drops into the pelvis
  • Labor warm-ups how to know when you are in a stablish labor
  • The power of the mind: you set the tone for the experience you will have, regardless of the outcome. Positive thinking
  • How to prepare a Birth Preferences  


    Class 2

    • You and your birthing companion can create a calm and joyful birthing environment
    • Strip away fears: replace fears with positive imagery, including a visualization of one’s ideal birth
    • Nourishing the bodya benefit for both mother and child
    • Newborn care: essential information for going home with your newborn
    • Breastfeeding